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Learning Path

It's Fun and Interactive

Learn, develop and hone your interpreting skills with a unique and simple learning path, easy to understand. Earn experience points as you practice and master your skills.

Short Clips

Build Up Your Vocabulary

Learn terms and concepts with short clips and practice them with interactive exercises to build up your vocabulary in healthcare, social services, banking and finance, car insurance and more.


Gain Hands-on Experience

Practice time and again tons of interpreting exercises with sentences, questions and answers, dialogues, scenarios, and call simulations from all different industries.

Learning Goals


Take a self-assessment upon completing a unit to test your knwoledge and see where you stand. If you get a low score, take it again until you are able to fully pass it.

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WhatsApp Support

Get in contact with an account specialist or interpreter trainer via WhatsApp to clear any doubts or in case you need help using our web application.


You've got questions, we have answers!

What English level do I need? Intermediate (B1, B2) is ideal. However, you can also use InterpreterLab to level up your English skills.
How long is the program? It's a self-paced program. So, you can complete in a month or follow our pacing guide.
Do you offer medical interpreting programs? No, but, we are currently working on it and it will be added to our repertoire before December 2023.
Do you offer live sessions? No, but we are planning on hosting live practice sessions soon.

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